Saturday, January 7, 2012


After doing quite a bit of research, I went to the APP store and tried to purchase the new Final Cut Pro to edit the film on.  After attempting (unsuccessfully) several times and receiving repetitive error messages, I decided to download the Free Trial in the mean time.

I began importing media files.  After sitting on the vintage wooden chair with soft brown suede cushion for 12.5 hours naming clips, I had the bulk of the footage re-imported and ready to begin piecing it together.  

The new version of Final Cut is like relearning a new editing system, so it took me a little while to adjust, but after just 2 days, I realized it was so much easier using the new one.  I sat day after day coffee (and a glass of Red at night) in one hand and clicking the mouse with the other.  

Just after Christmas, I decided to give the permanent version a go again.  I spent two hours on the phone with iTunes support, and after trying every (what the Apple Care representative thought was) possible option, someone finally made a 'minor adjustment' to my iTunes account, and poof!  It was a miracle.  All of my problems were solved.  I jumped out the chair, arms in the air, and downloaded with joy.

Just like in life, I am learning that patience is key, when it comes to technology.  No need to get frustrated, because even though it may take a little (or a long) time, you'll eventually get to where you want to be.  Sometimes you're looking for an answer to a situation, when all you really needed to do was make the small adjustment.  

It feels so good to be chasing a dream I am so excited about that doesn't feel like work.

Work that feels like play, and on any given day I never want to leave the home office.  I'm not getting paid for my "job" while making this film, but the payoffs will certainly be worth it when I export the final movie (in just 8 weeks!).

From one dream to another, here's to following your own...

**And be on the lookout for some video clips soon!!!

"There's a really strong energy here and it supports this incredibly rich artistic and spiritual culture, and Bali's a place, where if you spend any time here, you learn that there is a lot of dreaming that happens.  A lot of visions, and it's a place where often times those visions and dreams get turned into reality." -Ben Macrory: The Green School, Bali, Indonesia