Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Next BIG Thing...

All of my adult life, I have been on target at picking up on trends.  From my days of working in Fashion PR and Marketing New Brands in California to now filming my first documentary, trend-spotting just seems to come naturally. I may not be the one who makes the goods (well actually, I am now technically a producer), but I sure do know when something will be the 
'Next Big Thing'.  

Whether in fashion or food, I know a good thing when I see it.  
going to be just that.  

In the last 4 months, many major publications 

have jumped on the Big Tree Farms bandwagon.

And just this week, their Coconut Palm Sugar was featured on Doctor Oz!  

The countdown begins...  
(long) days until the submission deadline for the Nantucket Film Festival.  Will the film be finished in time? Will my computer crash (again)?  Will The Big Tree Farms Documentary make the Final Cut?
With so much passion invested in this project,  I only hope I can share this with a vast audience who will appreciate this company and their products just as much as I have over the past year.

These beautiful Balinese artisan products are made with an immense amount of local love.

So raise your glasses
of CocoHydro and Raw Chocolate Martini's 
Big Tree Farms!

Cheers to the next BIG thing.

*Photos Courtesey of Deven Clemens

Monday, February 13, 2012

The 'White Roads' in life...

I took a semi-sabatical for a few days to visit some friends in California and re-charge my batteries.   After making my last minute plans to fly out to San Francisco, 
I had a 'Eureka' moment.
Deven Clemens, who I met in Bali while filming the documentary, worked for White Road Investments, a small investment company owned by the founders of Clif Bar 
and the major investor in Big Tree Farms.  

And I had really been looking forward to getting his interview in Bali, but the timing didn't work out.  Looked like I was about to get a second chance.  I left our hour long meeting at Clif Bar on Thursday with some incredible statements to incorporate into my film.
I also met up with my old roommate, and someone I am truly inspired by, Jose Cong.  He recently left Apple as a Senior Recruiter who worked on the release of the iPhone and iPad for over 7 years, to help launch a new (and very innovative) company called NEST.  Jose has always been more than just a roommate and a friend: a sort of mentor who I've always looked up to.

Thank you for the weekly inspirations, Deven and Jose.   Here's to not playing it safe and to taking the 'White Roads' in life.  Because after all, life is really about the inspiring journeys we take. 
I'm loving all of the positive energy in my life. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.