Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Leaving ACK to the new MAC

I left Nantucket on Dec. 11th 2011, St. Louis bound for the winter, returning to my roots, where I had spent my childhood and high school years.  After taking a road trip, stopping in Portland, Ogunquit, DC and Louisville, I finally hit home on Dec. 18th.  After 4 days of catching up with family and friends (God I missed them all!) I settled into to my winter home, I was ready to start the rest of the process of making the film.  

For those of you who may not know me personally, this is my first Documentary Film.  I found Big Tree Farms about a year and a half ago while googling Bali, and from that moment I knew this would be my first film.

I visited Bali on my way home from a 4 month stint in Austrailia last in February 14th 2011 for one month, helping with some PR work at the pristine Bali Eco Stay in the mountains for 3 weeks.  Just before I left the island, I was able to meet up with Ben Ripple for about an hour, founder of Big Tree Farms, and chat about food.  But not just any food.  Balinese Pyramid Sea Salt, the worlds first dehydrated coconut water and... raw CHOCOLATE.  

After getting a Ben Ripple's personal tour of the the process of Big Tree Farms first batch of coconut milk chocolate, I had melted away into my own little world.  My taste buds were awakened by more a multitude of flavors and the energy I got from it was incredible.  I left that day with about 30 minutes of video footage and a chocolate high.  

I returned to Nantucket in May and began bartending once again to save up enough for a film budget.  I worked with Dan Driscoll of September Productions on many shoots over the summer and he taught me everything I needed to know to get back to Bali and make this film.  

Six months finally passed, and my hard work paid off.  I purchased two plane tickets to Bali.  One for myself and one for Holly of Sapphire Productions, who I hired to film with me, to go out and make this movie.  I finally met Frederick Shilling, Big Tree Farms co-partner and founder of Dagoba Organic Chocolate.  The energy and passion Ben and Frederick have for their products was profound.  Two and a half weeks later I had a movie yearning to be edited together. 

I returned to Nantucket in late November for one last 4 day bartending hoorah for Stroll Weekend, boxed up my life for the 13th time and headed back to my hometown of Belleville.  I made the investment of purchasing a 21.5 inch MAC for the editing process and it arrived today!!!

And that's where I am now.  On the journey to making this dream of a film become a reality.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me to make my deadline of March 12th to submit this to the Nantucket Film Festival followed by many others.

From ACK to the MAC, I'm ready to go. 

This is my story and I cannot wait to show you theirs...



Friday, December 2, 2011