Friday, July 6, 2012

The Many Doors of Life...(and on Nantucket)

An island full of opportunities, I have found Nantucket to be a place where you can launch a career, try something new and just go for it without thinking twice.

The short film, The Ripple Effect, was not programmed into the Nantucket Film Festival.  Sometimes it's just not a good fit (as I recently found out after learning that almost of the short films shown in the program were fiction.)
But when one door closes, so many more always seem to open. 
And those doors that opened?  They swung wide.

A magazine article written by Rob Cocuzzo in the fabulous N Magazine (page 12-13 online)...

A write up by my friend Holly Finigan on her Nantucket blACKbook website under 
Lights Camera ACKtion!


The film premiered at the Galley Beach on Nantucket Tuesday, June 19th, the day before the Film Festival kicked off! We served Big Tree Farms 
Raw Chocolate Martini's and popcorn as the sun set on the beach. An incredible turnout, we SOLD OUT!!  
Thanks to the support of our incredible local community!!! 
for taking such fabulous photo's of the event.
Followed by a gorgeous 10 page 
Spread in the July Issue 

the islands newest publication by Anderson Publishing
(If you're not on Nantucket, I will be scanning for an online reading soon!)

If you missed the fun-filled premier...

The next showing of the short film, THE RIPPLE EFFECT, will be July 26th at the opening night of the Nantucket Yoga Festival at the Westmoor Club! We're so excited to be a part of the festival!!!

The film is on a roll and building momentum.  Look out soon for the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN to get me back to Bali to make this film into the feature length documentary it deserves!

**To book a private screening for you and your friends,
 please email or call me at, 508-524-5589

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